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Retirement Planning: Making the Most of Your Money

ARTICLE | March 09, 2023

- About 26% of non-retired individuals in the US have no retirement savings. 
- It is important to plan for retirement so that, when the time comes, you’ll be financially stable. 
- Determine what age you plan to retire at and consider that alongside your current age. 
- Estimate how much you plan to spend in retirement and account for unexpected expenses. 
- Calculate an after-tax rate of investment returns to determine the feasibility of your portfolio in producing the income you need. 
- Consider your risk tolerance versus investment goals. 
- Think about estate planning and involve accountants and lawyers if needed.


Questions this article answers:
1. What percentage of non-retired individuals in the US have no retirement savings?

According to a 2018 survey from the Federal Reserve Board, approximately 30% of non-retired individuals in the US have no retirement savings.
2. What are some important aspects of retirement planning?
3. How can I calculate my retirement spending needs?
4. What rate of return should I expect before taxes?
5. How can I determine my risk tolerance vs investment goals?
6. What is estate planning and how can I do it?


Questions Answered: 
1. What is the importance of retirement planning?
2. What are the top five tips for staying consistent and on-track with retirement planning?
3. How can I automate my contributions?
4. How can I assess the contribution amount?
5. What are the benefits of contributing to an employer’s plan?
6. Why should I not touch my savings before retirement?
7. How can I find professional help for retirement planning?

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